Draft cross
breeders & owners


ESt. 2005

The Draft Cross Breeders & Owners Association was founding in 2005 to support Draft Cross breeders, owners and enthusiasts and to promote the versatility of

Draft Cross Horses in sport and pleasure riding and driving.


July 1

USPC DCBOA Rising Star Awards

Applications for the DCBOA Rising Star Award must be submitted by July 1. Applications submitted after July 1 will incure a $50 late fee and the trophy may be mailed instead of presented at the event.

August 1

USDF All Breeds Awards

To participate in the USDF All Breeds Award program, you must contact the USDF for their program requirements, deadlines and fees. The DCBOA All Breeds nomination form must be submitted by August 1, or a $50 late fee will apply.

December 31

Foal Registration

A discounted fee is available for foals registered before December 31 of the year in which they were foaled.

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