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Fees are non-refundable unless application is denied.  Membership Applications and Registration/Recording Applications may be denied at the discretion of the Draft Cross Breeders & Owners Association (DCBOA) Administration or Advisory Board. Cause for denial includes, but is not limited to, intent to defraud another in any livestock transaction.

Buyers and Sellers
The DCBOA does not endorse the potential buyers who may contact you.  This is a public site and extreme caution should be taken on your part regarding who you chose to do business with.  Please let us know if you experience any questionable business practices encountered from any business advertising or linked to this site.  We will not hesitate to forward any appropriate information to the authorities if there is any attempt to commit fraud or illegal activity regarding purchases or sales related to this site.  The DCBOA is not responsible for the accuracy of the information.  If any mistakes have been made, it is the sellers responsibility to contact the DCBOA as soon as possible.  We do not guarantee delivery of items advertised on this site. Please use common sense in all internet transactions.  The DCBOA in no way represents any 3rd party seller.  The information in the ad may contain typographical errors.

The DCBOA does not endorse nor recommend any individual, business, site, or merchandise linked on this site.

Social Media
The DCBOA is not responsible for the content of it’s social media accounts.  Posters are solely responsible for the content of their message and agree to hold the DCBOA harmless for any events resulting from the transmission of their message.  DCBOA does not recommend, nor endorse any of the information shared on it’s boards.  We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information on this site, including message boards.  We will strive to keep any information we provide as accurate as possible.  If you see any information on this site that you know to be incorrect, please contact us immediately.  These boards are periodically monitored.

Objectionable material may not be removed immediately, but every effort will be made to do so in a timely fashion. Please contact us and report any objectionable messages.  Thank you for your help in keeping this a family friendly site!

Horses are big, unpredictable and potentially dangerous animals.  Our social media accounts have been designed for entertainment purposes only.  Please consult a qualified professional if you or your horse are in need of training or medical assistance.

We reserve the right to release any information on anyone who uses this site if asked to do so in cooperation with any legal matters.

Please do not post classified ads on DCBOA social media accounts.  Any post for in item for sale will be removed.

Opinions expressed via DCBOA social media accounts are not necessarily the opinions of DCBOA or any affiliated or linked individuals or organizations.

The DCBOA reserves the right to refuse any message that contains information or images that it deems unsuitable for this site.  In cases where the material is deemed unsuitable the message will be removed and the poster may be banned.

Please do not post any copyrighted materials unless you have permission to do so from the copyright holder.  Please do not post any pictures of any person who has not given consent for their picture to be posted on our board.

The DCBOA may use your email address to communicate with you.  We will not sell your name, or any other personal information, to a third party without your consent, unless required to do so by law.

The DCBOA is not responsible for any electronic virus, or damages resulting from the transmission of such, transmitted through this site or sites linked to or advertised on this site, or email’s exchanged between anyone who uses this site.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments about our policies.  Thank you!